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At a Time of No Travel, What Can Chambers and Visitors Bureaus Do Right Now?

Posted on 03.27.2020 by Kat Gritzmacher under Tourism

Yesterday, W.A. Fisher hosted a conference call with several CVBs and Chamber directors we work with to talk about how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting tourism and what we can do right now to combat this new reality of staying put. It’s a difficult time for those of us in the tourism industry – as…

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How to Plan A Website Redesign

Posted on 08.09.2018 by Kat Gritzmacher under Website Planning, Website Strategy

The most successful websites execute a strategy that aligns business goals with their target audience goals. In other words, your site isn’t all about you – it’s about connecting and communicating with your customers in a way they desire. In today’s world, it’s imperative (I mean CRUCIAL) that your website establishes trust, provides a great experience with easily digestible and useful information accessible on any device – or people will go elsewhere. Trust me; they will.

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W.A. Fisher Hires New Account Executive, Kat Gritzmacher

Posted on 12.09.2017 by W.A. Fisher under Press Releases

W.A. Fisher Advertising & Printing has hired Kat Gritzmacher, a seasoned marketer to join their team. Kat will work directly with clients to develop marketing strategies and create and execute integrated marketing plans, which include traditional media and digital media, digital advertising, and media research. Kat, a native Iron Ranger, joins W.A. Fisher to provide…

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Brooke Herring Joins W.A. Fisher Advertising & Printing

Posted on 09.29.2016 by W.A. Fisher under Press Releases

Virginia, Minn. – Brooke Herring joins W.A. Fisher Advertising & Printing in Virginia as their Media Specialist & Account Assistant. In her position, Brooke works directly with clients and assists them with the development and execution of marketing plans which include social media, print ads, radio & television advertisements, marketing strategies and media research. “Brooke…

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Chrome to de-emphasize Flash in favor of HTML5

Posted on 08.09.2016 by W.A. Fisher under Web Development

It may seem crazy, but there actually are websites out there that are still utilizing Flash to load content. We thought that Apple’s complete lack of support would cause most sites to move away from it, but apparently not. Now, with Google Chrome jumping on the bandwagon to do away with Flash, maybe we’ll see…

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Why don’t we use free or purchased WordPress themes?

Posted on 08.02.2016 by W.A. Fisher under Web Development

Ah, WordPress. It’s such a powerful tool when used correctly. When used incorrectly, however, it can cause major self-destruction. Security issues, SEO problems, lack of expandability… These all can be catastrophic to your site. Security issues: WordPress is already susceptible to hacks when it’s not set up correctly: Add a common theme onto it and you…

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What are Content Management Systems?

Posted on 03.24.2016 by W.A. Fisher under Web Development

When it comes to this question, the first thing we need to determine is: Who do you want to manage your content? If the answer is us, we can put together a maintenance plan for you. If the answer is you, then keep reading. Content management systems are programming on the backend of your site…

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Essential Home Page Features for Websites

Posted on 02.23.2016 by W.A. Fisher under Web Development

Whether you are redesigning a website or starting a new site from scratch, these are the features you really must include on your home page. Logo/ Branding As soon as your website loads, your uses should be able to see your branding. Whether this is the logo, the color scheme or typography, users should be…

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The Fair Hills Family of Properties

Posted on 02.02.2016 by W.A. Fisher under New Site Alert!

We recently completed a huge project for the Fair Hills family of properties, including Fair Hills Resort, Five Lakes Resort, Wildflower Golf Course and The Barn at Five Lakes. The real challenge of these sites was finding a way to cross-reference all of the sites while making sure that users were very aware of what…

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4 Web Design Trends for 2016

Posted on 02.02.2016 by W.A. Fisher under Web Development

So we’re a little late getting our design trends out there for the upcoming year – the end of 2015 / start of 2016 was crazy and we’re finally catching our breath. Check out the top 4 web design trends for 2016 we expect to become very prominent. Scrolling Gone are the days of worrying…

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