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Visit Shakopee Convention and Visitors Bureau

Posted on 01.07.2016 by W.A. Fisher under New Site Alert!

The Shakopee CVB contacted us back in August about putting together a proposal for redesigning VisitShakopee.org. Their old site had major limitations on the updates that were able to be done, the events calendar did not work at all, plus they just weren’t happy with the look of the site. One trip to Shakopee (oh yeah, we…

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A Little About User Experience Design

Posted on 10.13.2015 by W.A. Fisher under Web Development

What is UX? User Experience (UX) is the way a person interacts with a digital product. In our case, the digital products we’re referring to are websites. Why Does User Experience (UX) Matter? How users interact with your website is just as important as how they think it looks. It’s possible to have a great…

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4 Mistakes Your Website is Making

Posted on 09.21.2015 by W.A. Fisher under Uncategorized

There is no such thing as a perfect website, regardless of what anyone says. The reason behind this is the fact that websites are subjective. One person may love it, the next may not even like it. Here are the top 4 things that are guaranteed to make users dislike your site. Luckily, they’re all pretty simple…

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How people see your website

Posted on 09.15.2015 by W.A. Fisher under Web Development

Have you ever though about what people first see when they look at your website? Look for yourself. What’s the first thing that jumps out at you? Do you like what you see? The following infographic has some great information about typical web users and what they see on a website, how long you have before…

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We’ve switched to Dropbox for file transfers

Posted on 08.19.2015 by W.A. Fisher under Uncategorized

As an interactive and traditional print agency, we are constantly transferring files. Whether it be from us to the client, from the client to us, or us to a vendor, files (sometimes quite large) are constantly being moved around. Back in the days before cloud storage became popular, we created our own file transfer site…

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Google My Business & Google+ For Businesses

Posted on 07.08.2015 by W.A. Fisher under Uncategorized

Some of our clients have been confused by all of the offerings from Google regarding their business. In this blog post we hope to explain the differences between Google My Business and Google+ for Businesses, and what you should be using. Google My Business If you haven’t already read it, check out our detailed blog…

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What is Google My Business?

Posted on 06.25.2015 by W.A. Fisher under SEO

If you haven’t claimed your Google My Business listing… Simply put, you’re missing out. On search, maps and other opportunities to connect with potential customers searching for whatever you offer. What is it? Google My Business (formerly known as Google Places, Google+ Local, Google+) is the fast and easy way for businesses to manage their…

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Ghost referrals and how to remove referral spam from Google Analytics

Posted on 06.17.2015 by W.A. Fisher under SEO

Ghost referrals in Google Analytics are spam entries in your Google Analytics that are directed at developers. They pollute your data with fake visits, making your Google Analytics data less valuable and can hurt your site and brand. Has your site been affected? Chances are, yes, your site has been affected. The easiest way to…

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North Shore Visitor’s New Site!

Posted on 06.08.2015 by W.A. Fisher under New Site Alert!

We’ve been producing the North Shore Visitor print guide for a few years so we were elated when we were approached about redesigning the website in order to meet Google’s new mobile-friendly website rule. The client also wanted to make the upgrade to a CMS instead of updating each page individually through FTP. Since the…

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Our Website Project Process

Posted on 06.08.2015 by W.A. Fisher under Web Development

We know that developing a website can be a daunting task. That’s why we put together this little article on our website project process. We hope it gives you a heads up of what to expect if you choose to work with us on your website project and (hopefully) makes the project run as smoothly…

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