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Hosting & Email

Along with all of our design, development and marketing capabilities, W.A. Fisher Interactive also offers web hosting services through InMotion Hosting. Through this partnership, we are able to provide you with these services without compromising our website development time – ensuring that your website is top-notch while the Managed Server’s specialized hosting staff makes sure that your site is accessible.

Our standard package includes everything you need to support a site developed by W.A. Fisher Interactive:

  • Software
  • cPanel
  • Apache 2.4.x Web Server
  • PHP 4 – PHP 7.3
  • MariaDB 10.1.40
  • Detailed Site Statistics
  • Content Management System (Optional)
  • User Management Application (Optional)
  • Included with hosting
  • 5 GB hosting space
  • 20 email accounts
  • 5 GB data transfer
  • PHP / MySQL
  • Detailed web stats
  • Excellent support
  • 99.9% Guaranteed Uptime


Here you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions about emails, hosting, domains that we receive. If your question is not answered here, please send us an email and we will do our best to get you an answer.

Email FAQ

How many email addresses am I allowed?
You receive up to 20 email address free of charge with the domain, and then if you want more there may be a small fee.
I forgot my password.
You may contact us and we will reset the password to the password of your choice.
How do I setup my Outlook Express Email?
To setup email using Outlook Express:

  1. Open Outlook Express
  2. Click “Tools”
  3. Click “Accounts”
  4. Select “Add -> Mail”
  5. Type your name in
  6. Click “Next”
  7. Type your email address
  8. Click “Next”
  9. Enter your mail server settings
    1. Ex: mail.your-domain.com
  10. Enter your account name
    1. Usually email address
  11. Enter your password
  12. Click “Next”
  13. Click “Finish”
How do I setup my Outlook Email
To setup email using Outlook:

  1. Open outlook
  2. Click “Tools”
  3. Click “Email Accounts”
  4. Select “Add New Email Account”
  5. Click “Next”
  6. Select “POP3”
  7. Enter Your name, email, server settings, username, and password
    1. Server settings – mail.your-domain.com
    2. Username – Your entire email address
  8. Click “Next”
  9. Click “Finish”
What are your email server settings?
The email server settings are:
POP3: mail.your-domain.com
SMTP: mail.your-domain.com

  • Your SMTP server settings may have to be your ISP’s server settings to send your email.
  • ‘your-domain’ would have to be replaced with your actual domain name.

Hosting FAQ

What is a subdomain?
A subdomain is commonly used for dividing the site into different sections or categories.  An example would be a service department, they may use the following subdomains:

  • interactive.domainname.com
  • advertising.domainname.com
  • printing.domainname.com
How many domains can I own?
We suggest that you own no more than 4-5 domains for any single site.  The secondary domains can point to your original site.  These domains would be used for domains that could be spelled a couple of ways (ex. neminnesota.com and northeastminnesota.com).You can own as many domains as you would like, as long as they are not already taken.
How do I register a domain?
To register your own domain:

  1. Make sure it is available via a whois record.
  2. Create an account at a registrars website (ex. directnic, godaddy, Network Solutions)
  3. Enter your information for the domain, your contact info, and pay for the domain through the registrars website.
What are the DNS Settings?
DNS stands for Domain Name Servers and acts very much like a phone book.  When you type in a website the DNS transfers from the human readable word into an IP address that the computer understands which allows it to display the appropriate information for that site.


Customers are prohibited from transmitting/hosting anything that is unlawful, obscene, threatening, abusive, libelous, or otherwise violate any laws.

  • Transmission, distribution, or storage of any information, data or material in violation of United States or state regulation or law, or by the common law, is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, material protected by copyright, trademark, trade secret, or any other statute. Fisher Hosting reserves the right to remove such illegal material from its servers.
  • Customers may not attempt to circumvent user authentication or security of any host, network, or account (“cracking”). This includes, but is not limited to, accessing data not intended for the Customer, logging into a server or account the Customer is not expressly authorized to access, or probing the security of other networks.
  • Customers may not attempt to interfere with service to any user, hosting service, or network (“denial of service attacks”). This includes, but is not limited to, “flooding” of networks, deliberate attempts to overload a service, and attempts to “crash” a host.
Harassment, whether through language, frequency, or size of messages, is prohibited.

  • Customers may not send email to any person who does not wish to receive it. If a recipient asks to stop receiving email, the customer must not send that person any further email.
  • Customers are explicitly prohibited from sending unsolicited bulk mail messages (“junk mail” or “spam”). This includes, but is not limited to, bulk-mailing of commercial advertising, informational announcements, and political tracts. Such material may only be sent to those who have explicitly requested it.
  • Malicious email, including but not limited to “mailbombing” (flooding a user or site with very large or numerous pieces of email), is prohibited.
  • Forging of header information is not permitted.
The following limits are imposed on each hosted account unless prior arrangements have been made.

  • 5 GB Hosting Space
  • 20 email accounts (more at an additional cost)
  • 5 GB data transfer (per month)
  • MySQL (10 databases)