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Our Team

Marissa Saurer Associate Creative Director

As Associate Creative Director, Marissa provides our clients with superb creative and design on advertising, branding, print and web projects. She is a skilled illustrator and photographer. In addition to her creative tasks, Marissa also supervises our art department to ensure a high level of quality and excellent customer service.

Marissa’s background is in content creation for a wide array of industries. Telling compelling visual stories through design, illustration, photography and video, she has used her talents to promote and expand her clients businesses through the years.

With decades of artistic marketing and promotional experience, she has built up a dynamic and diverse body of work that strategically translates into today’s digital world.

In her free time Marissa enjoys printmaking, wild swimming, landscape and wildlife photography. Her nomadic travels across North America have allowed her to shoot some of the most beautiful vistas of Canada and the U.S. The majority of her time has been spent in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Texas, Arizona, and The Paciļ¬c Northwest including Alaska.

Marissa Saurer